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tv   Today  NBC  December 13, 2009 8:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning. damage control a day after tiger woods steps away from golf, at least one of his sponsors is taking a step away from him. will others follow suit? race against time. one climber is dead atop oregon's mt. hood as a desperate search continues for two others still missing. and puppy love. the bountiful brood that's making headlines. we'll meet the mom and pups this morning exclusively, today, sunday, december 13th, 2009. captions paid for by nbc-universal television
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>>good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on this sunday. i'm lester holt. >> and i'm jenna wolfemmi. >> it was wasn't 6 or 7 or 18 or 19 puppies. >> but it was less than 21. we'll tell you the exact number a bit later. this is a kind of mastiff. >> yes, and they can grow to be huge. >> anyway, we'll get to that later on but take a more serious turn to talk about other news developing today including out west where rescuers are tryg to find two climbers missing since friday on mt. hood. yesterday searchers found one of their climbing partners dead. this is the same mountain, by the way, that claimed three other experienced climbers three years ago. we'll have the latest on the seven from the lead rescuer coming up. also reports swirling out of great britain surrounding grain lelizabeth and william.
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prince william is secretly being groomed as a shadow ki. what does this mean for the future of the monarchy? we will find out. plus amanda knox is speaking out eight days after her murder conviction in italy. we'll tell you what she is saying now about life behind bars. and later on, big news on that wayward manatee we've been telling you about. he was rescued from t new jersey thousands of miles from home. we'll find out what his future holds. medicine, law, not really sure. >> maybe freedom. we'll find out more. first let's get the latest on the sex scandal surrounding tiger woods. on his website friday woods announced he was taking an indefinite leave from golf to focus on his family. now the first shock waves from the move are starting to hit his lucrative sponsorship deals. here's nbc's chris yancy. >> reporter: for many of the world's most recognizable brands, the planet's mostamous athlete was the obvious pitchman. tiger woods' endorsement deals
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are worth an estimated $100 million a year, but none of his primetime commercials have aired since november 29th. as the number of his alleged affairs has grown to more than a dozen, corporate giants are waivering. on saturday gillette issued a statement saying in the midst of a difficult and unfortunate situation, weill support tiger's desire for privacy by limiting his role in our marketing room. ak de at&t is evaluating their relationship with woods. >> each of them has to weigh out the short-term hit they're taking to their brand versus the long-term benefit. >> reporter: long term woods' future is an open question. in a stunning statement on his website, the intensely private woods admitted his infidelity and wrote after much soul searching i have decided to take an indefinite break from professional golf. i would like to ask everyone for their understanding. it's a request with enormous
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financial implications, so profound is woods' impact on golf. when he first hit the scene, total prize money for 1996 was $65 million. this year, it's $275 million. and woods' impact on tv ratings is so huge it has a name, the tiger effect. when he's playing, viewship goes way up. in recent years by as much as 65%. now his scandal is boosting television ratings in a very different way. >> good evening, tiger woods -- >> reporter: the story making newscasts and selling newspapers around the world. >> after two weeks, it's pretty clear that there's absolutely no comparable in sports and maybe any story that relates to this. >> reporter: tv in new zealand is promoting an interview shot last month where tiger talks about his wife, elin, and their two young children. >> family first and golf second. always be like that? >> always. >> bow watching. >> reporter: and the ironies
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continue. there are unconfirmed reports that woods' $22 million yacht is being prepped for a getaway. a tarp now covers the name on the 155-foot vessel, christened privacy. >> so how does tiger woods ro r recover from this public relations nightmare? judy smith is here. >> reporter: good morning. thank you for having me. >> he's secluded himself and put the statement out on the web. is there really a good playbook for this kind of thing? has he done everything he can do at this point? >> i think at this point he's where he needs to be. certainly earlier steps were not handled the way that they should be, but i think he's doing exactly the right thing. he needs to really focus -- go ahead. >> no. the right thing in terms of his family or the right thing in terms of preserving his future value as a product endorser?
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>> i think both. i think if he doesn't do the right thing and try to address his marital issues that the other brands and those kinds of things, they won't follow. they won't follow. so i think that's key for him. >> nike says they're going to stay with him, a few others have. others say they're reevaluating. what is the risk for these companies right now? do they really think that people might not buy their products because they're associated with tiger? >> i think they do. i mean when you think about it, tiger's perception has been one of excellence, has been one of integrity, and nothing of this nature has ever happened to tiger. so it's not now the brands are looking back and saying this is not what i signed up for. >> we've seen it time and time again, celebrity meltdowns. they become fodder for tabloids. people almost seem to take some bizarre glee watching the
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downfall but they seem to recover. let me read some of the things on tiger's facebook fans. i will no longer support or cheer for you in any way. i hope corporate america does not support this behavior. another says i will sell my nike golf clubs, stop wearing nike, period. supporters say i am actually a huge fan of yours and your personal life is of no concern to me and they go on and on. what's the kpcapacity of the th american public to forgive? >> the capacity for the american public to forgive is really large. when you look at it and you look at people that have been in situations like this before, martha stewart, she came out and after all said she was ready to accept the punishment of her crime. people felt that she apologized and all of a sudden america was behind martha stewart. so i think if tiger, which has started that process, has admitted that he made a mistake
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and is willing to develop a strategy and a course to get him back to where he needs to be, i think america will be for giving. >> and lastly, are advertisers also watching that clock as well, trying to figure out the capacity of forgiveness to know whether to stick with him? it's a good chance we'll come back and maintain his winning status. >> i think it's a great chance that he'll come back. tiger woods is an icon. and i think the sponsors are watching and if you've noticed in some of the sponsorship announcements they give their self some leeway that they're evaluating. but i think he'll have sponsors, he'll be back and be a success. >> judy smith, thank you s much for joining us. >> thank you. thanks a lot, lester. coming up in our next half hour, a look at the personal toll this scandal is having on tiger and his wife and their marriage. and now here's jenna. >> lester, thanks. now to the search efforts taking place on oregon's mt. hood, the same mountain that tragically claimed another trio of
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experienced climbers almost three years ago. one person has already been found dead, 2 other hikers are still missing. joining us live on the phone is steve rollins of portland mountain rescue. steve, good morning. >> good morning. >> i understand that rescuers are anxious to get back to the search. can you tell us how soon they'll be able to get back on the mountain? >> we're not really certain. we had hoped to put teams high on the mountain today to search for the remaining two climbers, but we found that avalanche conditions are just too high and we can't get any rescuers into the areae need to. >> these three climber, they were well equipped, they were well experienced. i know one body was recovered by rescuers on saturday. what will the remaining two hikers need to do now in order to stay safe, until help arrives, whenever that may be? >> well, if there's not been a climbing accident suf ch as a fl or what not, they need to dig in and stay out of the elements. dig a snow cave, it can be
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relatively warm, maybe 40 degrees. with the right survival gear they could last several days. >> i know what's making it hard for you in your plans here is that these hikers started their ascent up the west side of the mountain, which is the more treacherous side of mt. hood. how does that affect you rescue efforts moving forward? >> this is a very difficult to get into. it's very technical terrain even on good conditions. given the avalanche conditions and the winter storms that we're having, it's very, very difficult to get in there. >> how do you pinpoint exactly where rescue efforts will start at this point and where you are going to go, depending on the weather? >> well, we recovered one body yesterday and there was a number of gear found near the body below the head wall or the slope that that person fell down. so the search efforts are going to be directly up the hill or up the slope from that point with the logic being that everybody was together and something happened such that that person fell off the mountain. >> we mentioned a little earlier that this search comes almost
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three years after another search mt. hood, after that blizzard in 2006. what have you guys learned and what has rescue operations, what have they learned from then that you can maybe put towards this search and rescue. >> oh, boy, there's, you look at any incident, there's dozens of lessons learned. hopefully the public realizes that even if you're going on a day hike or you're climbing a mountain like this, leave detailed plans on exactly where you're going, what you're equipped with and when you're going to be back, because in this case we had a rather vague description on where they were climbing and that certainly complicated the search efforts and made it take a lot longer for us to get help into the area. >> all right, steve raulin, we know you have a challenging couple of days ahead. good luck and thank you again. >> thank you. >> it must be so scary for the families right now waiting for word. now let's get a look at the other top stories. for that we'll say good morning to peter alexander at the news desk. >> good morning to you. queen elizabeth has reportedly planning to hand over some of
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her royal duties to her grandson prince william to prepare him for when he becomes king. mike taibbi is live with those details. >> reporter: good morning. at least one london newspaper saying "daily mail" reporting 83-year-old queen elizabeth is grooming her 27-year-old grandson, prince william, to be in effect a shadow king. suggesting in her death the monarchy would skip past prince charles. it was based on uncensored palace documents they obtained saying more is needed for william because he'll now be spending a significant part of his time on official engagements, unquote. buckingham palace has issued across the board denial saying the queen has no plans to cut back in her own grueling schedule. she's done about 400 events this year and there are no plans to have the monarchy skip a generation. there's been speculation for a while because after all charles
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at 61 is the holdest heir apparent in the history of the realm so the speculation heats up today. >> mike taibbi hanging with the royals across the pond. thank you very much. u.s. senators will spend a sunday at the office to vote on a massive end of the year spending bill. the $1.1 trillion bill includes money to run much of the federal government as well as to pay for medicare and medicaid benefits. democrats overcame a filibuster on saturday to clear the way for the vote. houston is now the largest u.s. city to elect an openly gay mayor. the city controller won the mayoral election last night. she got 53% of the vote. the win comes after a hotly contested runoff with the former city attorney. heavy rains triggered mudslides in southern california on saturday. nearly 100 cars were trapped on a mountain pass, highway pass there. more than 40 homes were also evacuated in an area that had been scorched by those recent wildfires and is now vulnerable
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to mudslides. finally, running back mark ingram last night became the first player from the university of alabama to hoist the heisman trophy. it was the closest race in the award's 75-year history. ingram, the stanford university running back toby gerhart by just 28 points. congratulations. they're all worried about what happens january 7th, when the tide places texas in pasadena for the bcs national championship game. mike bettis from the the weather channel is here. >> twowo and a good sunday morning, everyone. i'm news 4 meteorologist chuck bell. outside this morning, we already have a little bit of light, freezing rain. especially in some of our northern and western suburbs. primarily rain around the city of washington. but a winter weather advisory remains in effect until 10:00 this morning for montgomy county, maryland, over to loudoun county, virginia. temperatures now in the mid-30s,
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but there you can see on doppler, plenty of light rain around. and that is a look at your weather. now here's lester. >> thanks very much. up next on today, the top ten of everything. a look back at the scandals, moments and images that had us talking this year right after this.
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it is time to look back on the year that was. is out with its annual 50 top ten list. editors and writers have picked the best from art and business to science and news. there's a lot to choose from. belinda is here with la cre dela creme. >> we all get together and discuss what we think should be in the list and what makes one scandal bigger than another. it's a gut call. basically if you've covered it, you have a look and say this is what i think. >> let's dig right into those guts. we're going to start with scandals. number seven, it's the story dominating the news and everything right now and it's
8:17 am
tiger woods, obviously a big scandal. >> i think what makes it such a big scandal is he himself was so not well known by the public and golf is one of those, you know, control sports where you cannot make a mistake, where it's all about focus and doing the right thing. >> sure. >> and that just completely explodes. >> number six is balloon boy. what made that such a good story? >> it wasn't really celebrities, it was people who behaved so outrageously and badly that they got themselves to be celebrities known for making aplash on tv literally, like when he threw up on tv. so it's unbelievably bad behavior from people who have no reason to behave like this. >> let's pick one more scandal, david letterman and the whole blackmail scandal. >> a great story. in one move the loveable cranky uncle of late-night tv becomes the creepy u y uncle. moving to awkward moments, number nine, joe jackson at the
8:18 am
b.e.t. awards. >> this is all about venue. the man's son has just died and he decides this might be a good moment to talk about his new record label. i think, you know, maybe -- awkward. >> a timing issue there. >> okay, number five, the love gov. south carolina mark sanford, this is an awkward moment. >> i think that at this incredibly highly emotional, difficult time it might have had a good idea to have a script. he rambled. >> on and on. >> it was cringe inducing. >> for everyone listening. >> yes. number two, that moment between kanye west and taylor swift. let's take another listen and then we'll talk about it. >> thank you so much for giving me a chance to win a vma award. >> yo taylor, i'm really happy for you, i'm going to let you finish. but beyonce had one of the best videos of all time.
8:19 am
>> not only awkward but wrong. you were watching it shaking your head and that's how we all felt. >> kanye, kanye, kanye, pick your moment. not the time. also taylor swift, it's like kicking bambi. it's this little girl, you know, all wrong. just wrong. >> don't do it. let's move on to pictures of the year and i'm sure you had a fun time. number five is the miracle on the hudson. >> well, of course new york and planes and accidents, this is not usually good news for us. >> look at that picture. >> this is a great moment where this plane crash actually landed in the hudson. this is the one, often great photos of moment are afterwarding. the people are on the plane and you can see either the plane is going to be sinking or they're going to be rescued. >> i want to get that number two, a u.s. soldier in afghanistan for pictures and number one president obama right before taking the office. >> he's either praying or imagining everyone in their
8:20 am
underpants. >> probably the second one. and the viral videos of the year. this was a fun one and this was the wedding party. we actually had them on "weekend today" and this was incredible of everyone throwing caution to the wind. >> what's great is it's clear, they don't know how to dance. you know, they're not professional dancers, they are just having the time of their life and it's a little like a wedding. a wedding is when we forget our dignity and say i'm going to do this every way. >> every sunday morning, every sunday morning. belinda, thank you so much for being with us. it's a great list. we'll be right back after this. little things can turn against you when you travel. but if they do, you know who to turn to. your american express charge card not only gives you assistance around the world, with the membership rewards program,
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8:26 is your time now. 36 degrees. you're taking a live look outside at reagan national airport. cloudy skies and rain in the forecast. chuck bell will have the latest after news. good morning, everyone. i'm lynn yang. it's sunday, december 13th, 2009. top u.s. diplomats in cuba are trying to figure out why a washington area man is being detained there. the unidentified man was distributing cell phones, laptops, and other communications equipment on behalf of the obama administration. cuban authorities have been holding him since december 5th. the man works for bethesda-based development alternatives. some property owners in fairfax county could foot part of the bill for new metro stations. this is all part of the dulles
8:27 am
rail traffic. fairfax county supervisors have given preliminary approval for a tax district. it would fund three stations that run from ruston to dulles. they would collect up to 25 cents for every dollar of commercial property value. and in montgomery county, the police have created a task force to keep the roads safe this season. they have made over 160 arrests since thanksgiving. the task force is using underaged volunteers to make sure establishments are properly checking i.d.s and not selling alcohol to minors.
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it's time to get a check on the forecast with meteorologist chuck bell. he's in storm center 4 watching the weather out there. hi, chuck. >> hello, ana. good sunday morning, everybody. as you get ready to make your plans to get out and about on your sunday morning and afternoon, be ready for a little bit of slipperiness first thing this morning. not so much in washington itself, but most of our northern and western servers are seeing a light coating of freezing rain. keep a weather eye out as you're making your plans to go outside. winter weather advisory remains in effect until 10:00 this morning for most of our northern and western suburbs. temperatures are dangerously close to the freezing mark. most everybody just a tick or two above freezing, but that doesn't necessarily give the all-clear. there's still a chance for a little bit of light freezing rain, especially in some of the sheltered valleys up to the north and out to the west of washington. our forecast for today is an improving one. it is going to be a wet and soggy day today, but temperatures will be gradually climbing up into the low and mid-40s by later on this afternoon.
8:30 am
so it will be cold and it will be wet. >> okay. thanks, chuck. and coming up on news 4 today at 9:00 a.m., a full hour of your news, weather, and sports. and we're back on this sunday morning, december 13th, 2009. a chilly but dedicated crowd joining us out here on the plaza. i'm jenna wolfe along with lester holt. you know, i can't complain about being cold out here because these great people are out here. i walked out and said it's chilly. some woman was like you just walked out here, so thank you all for being here and braving the elements for us. we're going to take a look in this half hour a little more at the tiger woods' scandal. >> we talked earlier about the professional outcome in terms of his sponsorship, but we all know at the root of this there is a
8:31 am
serious marriage problem here. we'll look at the chances of him being able to patch things up and this healing process that he talks about that he wants to focus on in lieu of his golf career. also the latest on the amapp amanda knox case. she has just finished the first week of her 26-year sentence. coming up amanda's first interview since starting her sentence. what did she say? we've got an imptant update to a story we shared a month ago. remember this big guy, the manatee. they normally make theirome in the florida area in warm waters but this one ended up somehow in new jersey. rescuers saved him been bringing him back to health. we have a major update on him coming up. speaking of animals, a dog-loving kind of story. we'll look at this adorable little brood. are there two little puppies there? th're just about a week old.
8:32 am
apparently the owner knew the mom was pregnant but the puppies just kept on coming and coming and coming. we'll find out how many there were. somewhere between 19 and 21 but we don't want to give the number away. we'll visit with them later and meet every little puppy. >> i was really bad at math so we'll work on that. we continue the toy drive and joining us are torre and elaina kiam, good morning. you guys have given in the past but we've never seen you here on the plaza. what are you donating this year? >> $100,000 worth of fashion jewelry, the same jewelry the celebrities are wearing and the same jewelry being featured in magazines all across the country. most importantly the jewelry that our 30,000 independent sales advisors are selling throughout the united states and canada. >> you guys are so generous and it's nice to see you here in person. thanks so much for taking part this year. have a happy holiday. and now we're going to get
8:33 am
another check of the weather with mike bettis. >> all right, good morning to you. a lot of folks out here, washington and pennsylvania and delaware. we've got a 55th birthday, happy birthday, love you, mom. and we've got a special birthday for ashley. she's 10 years old today. she has done rockefeller center ice skating and she said that's her favorite thing to do in new york so far. weather has been cooperative here. more rain moving into the northeast. in fact all of eastern united states is going to see showers. warm down in florida. another 85-degree day for you in miami and we've got another storm in the west that's gradually going to wind down as it moves interior. tomorrow there's a lot of sunshine on the maput there's cold and a good sunday morning. i'm news 4 meteorologist chuck bell. we're off to a cold and wet start heren the with washington area. still mostly just light rain around town. but we are still seeing a few pockets of freezing rain. mostly across upper montgomery county into frederick county,
8:34 am
maryland, and west of the blue ridge out towards shenandoah valley. bridges and overpasses, obviously the most susceptible to any kind of iciness. temperatures are in the low tohf of rain. it's been a cool, chilly storm there in the west. and of course tonight it is sunday night football, a big nfc matchup as the eagles take on the giants. let's take a look at that forecast. periods of rain, at times it could be windy. always seems to be in east rutherford. temperatures 40 to 43 degrees. enjoy the game. and as always, you can check your current conditions and your forecast at now over to lester. mike, thanks. it's been a full week since american exchange student amanda knox began a 26-year sentence in an italian prison after being convicted of killing her roommate two years ago. knox spoke out this morning, telling the associated press she was scared, but hopeful. this as her former boyfriend, convicted along with her, made
8:35 am
an emotional statement in her defense. nbc's mike taibbi reports. >> reporter: in a week's time just a single still photo of amanda knox behind bars. now resigned, her family said after a visit, to an appeals process that could take another year. >> she's not down. she said she had her moments. she had her tears and now she's beyond that. she's ready to focus and she understands that it's just going to be slightly a little bit longer. >> reporter: in the meantime her co-defendant and former boyfriend has spoken out for the first time since he started his 25-year sentence. i was certain the verdict would mean the end of a nightmare he told an italian newspaper. amanda is not capable of killing. it's impossible and absurd. she's such a sweet girl. but two judges and a jury of six disagreed, despite knox's last-minute plea. that she did not deserve it. instead the jury accepted the
8:36 am
prosecution's theory of the crime as described in an animation played in court, that knox administered the fatal stab wound while her boyfriend and a third convicted defendant restrained the victim. british exchange student meredith kercher, one of her roommates. kerch kercher's brother said the family was pleased with the verdict but only to a point. >> as we said before at the end of the day we're all gathered here because our sister was brutally murdered and taken away from us. >> therere wildly different views on the quality of the evidence that led to the guilty verdicts and on whether anti-americanism might have been a factor. despite the verdict, dubbed foxy knoxy retains heraith in the italian justice system and says her rights have been respected. italian parliament member walter varini said after a visit to knox she was in good spirits and hopeful the appeal will sort things out. until then the clock will run on
8:37 am
amanda knox's 26-year sentence. her appeal not likely to be argued until next september, at the earliest. for "today," mike taibbi, nbc news, london. >> now here's jenna. thanks. more now on the tiger woods' scandal. aside from the immediate financial impact it's already having with sponsorships, the damage on a personal level is harder to measure. joining us with more insight on the impact this is having to his family and public image is -- carol line, nobody has seen tiger since this began. as for his wife there are reports she was seen a week after the accident, what are reports she got a home in sweden. >> it was wildly believed she was going back to sweden. they have a holiday today, but she actually people say is still in orlando near their home. >> in the home or near the home, we don't really know. >> probably in one of the guest homes. there are two homes they have
8:38 am
and people believe they're in separate houses. >> tiger is taking a break from his golf plans to work on his marriage. he's not the first spouse to admit having -- being unfaithful to his wife, but how do he and erepublice elin begin to work on this. >> he's a public persona but this is a private matter they have to work on. he has to reestablish any trust if there's any left. for elin she has to look at her ability to have a capacity for forgiveness even though it's going to be a long, long process. >> elin has come from a broken home as well. did that have an impact? >> her parents got divorced when she was six and i think she wants her kids, who are two and 10 months old to have both parents around. >> one of the women who game forward is jaimee grubbs. she came forward with the voice mail and the text messages. do you think we're going to see more women now coming forward that have, such, quote unquote, proof or is tiger saying he's going to put an end to all this
8:39 am
or a break sort of squash that? >> i think as long as tiger woods is the hot topic there will be people coming forward. i think there are questions whether they have proof. tiger was somewhat careful in the fact there is no pictures. there may be text messages or voice mails but it's going to be hard to prove. >> from a family point of view, is this marriage, like we talked about, that is such a public marriage at this point, is this fixable? can this be mended? >> it's important to understand 65% of couples who survive infidelity, in this case it's so big that you lose sight of that. infidelity is destructive but with the right therapy in terms of tiger to figure out what kind of man he is and character, and for elin, this is extremely traumatic. every report is a traumatic experience for her. together there's no reason to think that over the long haul they can work it out. and your hope for this family as a family taking his celebrity aside is that they can come to some resolution. >> dr. janet taylor, thank you
8:40 am
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now a "today" update. we brought you the story of a manatee last month. he found himself in unfamiliar territory off the coast of new jersey. after a major rescue effort, he spent time recovering. now a big announce bhent his future. here is robert rose. thanks for joining us. >> good morning, lester. >> update me now, he was found in new jersey. that's a long way away from the warm waters of florida where manatees are normally found. have you figured out by this point how he ended up this far north? >> well, we really haven't. there's a lot of theorys on why he ended up this way. he is a known animal right here to biscayne bay, south florida, so he's been seen here for many, many years. we're not quite sure why the migration took place, why he headed up the east coast. there might be a chance he was just chasing some girls up that way, maybe he took a wrong turn
8:45 am
somewhere along the lines, but we're not really quite sure why he's there. we're just happy that we were able to get this rescue effort together and get him back here. >> we've been showing video of that incredible rescue effort, what a team effort, involved everyone from not only animal folks but the u.s. coast guard to fly him up to miami. how did the transfer go and how did he adapt to life in the seaquarium. >> the catch and transport effort went phenomenally. when you're talking about cranes, planes and automobis, everybody really worked very well as a team. we're very thankful for all the parties that actually contributed. as you said, the united states coast guard actually flew him from new jersey back to the miami seaquarium. he's been here and is doing fabulously. we're very impressed with how he's doing. next tuesday he's actually scheduled to go out to release into biscayne bay.
8:46 am
>> that's big news, being released back into the wild. now, is there a risk of him wanting to come back to new jersey, something that may have made it go there in the first place that it might repeat and will you be able to track him? >> well, let's hope he won't go back there. he's certainly very familiar and we're very comfortable that he's in excellent condition, that he's very aware of the environment behind here. he's been sighted up in the miami river, which is only a couple miles off of my left-hand side over 100 times so we're very comfortable with the area where he's going back. we're very confident that he'll do very well there. i certainly hope he doesn't head back up to new jersey. if he does, he can certainly find his way back. >> are you going to put a tracking device on him? >> well, we have passive tags on him right now, pit tags, very similar to what the folks out there might use with their dogs and cats. we're not going to put a satellite tag on him just because we are so confident that he will do well. but we will keep visual observations on him.
8:47 am
we will try to track his migration, see how he's doing, and make sure he's adapting well to the wild. >> robert rose, thank you so much for spending time visiting with us. congratulations to you and all the folks there for a job well done. >> appreciate it very much, lester. have a great day. >> you too. now here's jenna. all right, lester, thanks. the average size of a litter of puppies for a connie corso is between six and eight. when kristi's dog went into labor, imagine her surprise when 20 puppies were born. this morning she, her dog and the rest of the brood are joining us. kristi, good morning and congratulations. >> thank you a good morning. >> how are mama and all the little puppies doing today? >> everybody is thriving and doing well, thank you. >> so let me ask you, you new sweet pea was due to birth a
8:48 am
slightly larger than average litter. did you have any idea based on her size before she gave birth, how big she was, that the litter would be this big? >> no. when we had her x-rays taken, we were thinking ten. we could see ten puppies. thought maybe 12 in there. but no way when 20 popped out that i ever imagined that large of a litter. >> kristi, walk us through the arrival of the puppies. she went into labor sunday evening. how long did it take for all 20 to be born? >> it took a little over seven hours. >> and were you on site the whole time? were you just waiting there? >> yes, i didn't leave her side from the time she went into labor until basically yesterday. >> let me ask you this, at what point during this wholerocess did you say, wait, there's more? was it six, was it ten, was it 12? after 20, did you wait to see if there was anything left? >> after about nine, i was like
8:49 am
that must be it, but then 14 came, then she had a break. i was like that has to be it. then 18 came. i said there's no way she can have any more in there. and then 20 came. i just prayed at that point saying i hope there aren't any more. >> i would go back and check just to double check there's no more coming out. let me ask you this, how does mom feed all 20 mouths? >> she can't. it's just impossible for her to feed that many mouths. she just doesn't have the milk supply or the proper equipment, i guess to put it, available for the puppies. so it's a lot of hand feeding every three hours just to make sure everybody's bellies are topped off and full. >> last question, are you taking applications now for future homes? lester has been nudging me all morning to see if there's an extra one available. >> yes, i am. definitely. >> perfect. he's on the next flight out.
8:50 am
kristi, sweet pea and all 20 of you cutie patooties, thank you for joining us and best of luck getting everybody fed. >> thank you very much. >> you got it. just ahead, the budget conscious holiday bar. which cocktails to save or splurge on. first, these messages. into a fidelity ira. man: okay, no problem. it's easy to get started. i can help you with the paperwork. um... this green line just appeared on my floor. that's guidance from fidelity. it's the route to your financial goals. could you hold on a second? whatever your destination, fidelity has the people, guidance and investments to help you find your way. this is going to be helpful. contact us today. oh, your mom brought that over. no way! these are t ornaments from when i was a kid. this is from mommy's first ballet recital. oh, and this is when i got a two-wheeler. pretty awesome. i used to have one of these.
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this orange on "today's" save versus splurge, haoliday cocktails. you dhaulz have to break the bank for top shelf spirits. here is jamie zanzinger. good morning.
8:53 am
>> good morning. thank you for having me. >> i normally like to keep it simple so it's usually just beer and wine but if you're going to do the full bar, what you should think of? >> it's not that difficult. first things first, make sure you have enough of the essentials forveryone that's coming. so napkins, shakers, glasses and ice. plan for about up to a pound of ice per person. >> do you have to have different kind of glasses for different kind of drinks? >> absolutely not. you can use whatever is in your c cupboard. >> let's talk about some of the spirits that we could save on first, vodka and gin. >> lower priced vodkas don't have that aggressively bad flavor some of the cheaper liquor so you can go for a bottle that's $20 to $25. >> mostly people will be mixing this anyway. >> yes. and that's the case for gin but they're usually mixed with ingredients like tonic so you don't need to buy something really expensive. >> if you want to splurge a little bit, bourbon, rum, whiskey, scotch, these are the
8:54 am
drinks we need to think about top shelf. >> right. if you go for a lower-priced bourbon it gives you that burn without the flavor so your guests will really know they're drinking a bargain basement bottle. you can go for a bourbon that's $30 or $60. m, the same thing. you know, a good rum gives you that rich, sugar cane flavor, but if you go for a lower-priced version, your guests will know. >> and some people are very particular about the scotch and whiskey they drink. >> scotch and whiskey are really drunk other the rocks or straight, so you want to make sure you're going for a higher-priced product. >> tequilas, you think of it as a summer drink but they're popular any time as well. >> well, you can actually skip tequila if you want because not a lot drink it in the winter. >> a margarita. >> if you want to serve tequila go for a splurge. you want something made with 100% agave. the cheaper are made with corn
8:55 am
syrup and grain alcohol, which are code words for hangover. >> agave. >> agave. >> and moving down here we'll talk about garnishes. >> yes. well, first things first. we've got mixers here. we want to go for a brand name problem. believe it or not the store brands go flatter faster. they have artificial taste and the difference in price is really neglible so go for canada dry or schwepp' you want to particular some home-squeezed juices. it really makes the drink. you can pick up fresh-squeezed jugs at your supermarket or do it yourself. splurge on the juices. for every 50 guests, about 25 lemons, 25 limes and 15 oranges. >> goodness. >> you will be set. >> okay. and then your cherries and your olives and what are those? >> these are our garnishes. olives, cocktail onions and cherries. >> jamie, thanks for coming on. appreciate it. happy holidays to you. we'll take a break and be
8:56 am
back right after these messages. ge capital understands what small businesses need to grow and create jobs. today, over 300,000 businesses rely on ge capital for the critical financing they need to help get our economy back on track. the american renewal is happening. right now. - why are you up? it's 2:00 a.m. - it's 2:00 a.m. christmas morning. i couldn't wait. savings on select diamond earrings. one more reason kay is the number one jewelry store in america.
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we want to take a moment to check in with david gregory to find out what's coming up this morning on "meet the press." >> good morning. coming up this morning unemployment at record highs. how will the president's new jobs plan provide relief. we will ask our exclusive guest, dr. christina romer. then a special discussion on the road ahead for the economy. former fed chief alan greenspan, jim kramer, the michigan  governor and former massachusetts governor mitt romney is all this morning on "meet the press." >> that's going to do it for us on this sunday morning. mike bettis, thank you for your weather knowledge. it is the last weekend before
8:59 am
christmas so get your last holiday guide to everything s p a soggy sunday in the washington area. will that rain turn to snow or sleet? stunning new details about a herndon man accused of killing his own wife. and the future executives of wall street may be on a college campus hundreds of miles from new york. good morning, everybody. i'm eun yang. welcome to news 4 today at 9:00. first, let's get a check of the forecast with meteorologist chuck bell up in storm center 4. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, eun, and a good sunday morning, everybody. off to a cold and wet start here on our sunday.


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